Always Forward

Always Forward
The past year wasn't easy on you, me, 

and you can imagine conditions in war-torn countries.

Watching news, following death numbers from other countries, including Yemen, reminded me how lucky I am in Australia and how easily this +1 death number could be me or any one of us.

I can't shake away this unfair geolocation luckiness!

As always, my North star (Karmel) reminded me of the goods. Much personal gratitude after a second thought. For Sufi Monks how we helped in two fundraising for Yemen. One with Penny Appeal and the other with Markaz, both in Sydney.

Fundraising while sharing a cup of Yemeni coffee and telling farmers stories. We are definitely fortunate!

fundraising even for Yemen

Always forward!

As obvious as it sounds, sometimes we forget the basics. The pandemic, the stress, the anxiety are more than enough to make the clearest goal blurry. 

A bridge between Aussies and Yemeni farmers that why we built Sufi Monks.

Therefore, the good news is the 2021 Yemeni harvest in its way to Sydney, and soon we will feel most fortunate again to share it with you.

 Yemeni Farmers checikng there 2021 coffee harvest

The next time you enjoy your coffee, please spare a thought for the unlucky ones,  
spare a thought for the farmers around the world,
spare gratitude thought to what you have,
and please spare a thought to yourself
as you courageously navigate through these times and remember...

 Always Forward!

With Love,

Motasem K.


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