Unveiling A New Cup Of Coffee

On average, Yemeni farmers only produce two bags of coffee a year.

If there are any words which could sum up what Sufi Monks’ yemeni coffee tastes like, they would be ‘incomparable taste’. Yemeni coffee which today is uncommon is renowned for its unique characteristics in taste. These unique qualities are said to be from the historical methods used to grow this once famous cup of coffee.

Stoned Farms: Yemeni coffee is grown in the most beautiful stoned terraced plots which are carved into semi-arid mountain sides. These terraces are positioned at high altitudes, which attributes to the high level of quality that Yemeni coffee is so renowned for.

Sun-kissed Drying: The best drying method for Yemeni coffee plantations have been the open air type. The coffee is often dried on flat roofs of farmers homes or within the valleys of plantation areas. Due to the geographical location of Yemeni coffee farms, the dry method over the wet method suits the climate and resources of the farmers better. This ancient natural processing method is said to elevate coffee notes.

Yemen’s rural residents is 76% of the total population.

Organic through history: Yemeni coffee has historically been organic in its nature of farming. It is said that extreme poverty of the region led to no agrochemical inputs which has produced a better coffee.

Ancient and unique varietals: Yemen is said to have a considerable amount of aging coffee trees. The country has an estimated 46 million coffee trees with nearly 15% considered to be unproductive. The remaining 39 million yielding trees include a considerable number that are more than 30 years old. Several farms throughout the country have trees that are approximately 100 years old (USAID 2004).

Incomparable Taste: With other coffee origins, such as Colombian or El Salvador, sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart, as they have much in common. For Yemeni coffee this doesn’t easily happen with its unique notes and flavours.

The original Sufi Monk lived in the 1400’s, in the Port of Mokha, Yemen. Today his spirit lives on, in the active Yemeni coffee terraces, whose beans reach the cups of coffee lovers around the world.

We invite you to have the Sufi Monks experience in your everyday cup of coffee.

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