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What once was lost to the world is now brewed in a cup in your hand.

The "Sufi"MONK &

Origin Of Coffee

Often linked to an Ethiopian Sheppard by the name of Khaldi whose sheep ate coffee ‘fruit’. This is recognised as the earliest coffee origin myth.However, it was in Yemen, 600 years ago when the Sufi...

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Until 1940 Yemen exported 12k tons a year. In 2004, only 3k tons were exported.

Three Waves of Coffee

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Colombia Piendamo Coffee
Colombia Piendamo Coffee
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Colombia Piendamo Coffee
Colombia Piendamo Coffee
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Yemeni Mokha: Offers a Single-Farmer Nano-lot. These farms have been well-cared for by the same family over generations. This source gives us exquisite Yemeni coffee with full traceability and a soaring cupping score.

Yemeni Valleys: a Collective Farmers Micro-Lot. It is cultivated by multiple small farmers in the same geographical area, usually in the same valley or village. This melange offers a tasteful cup of coffee like nothing else you've had before.


Most Yemeni farmers cultivate in small amounts, with an average production of two to three bags a year. Most farmers' harvests are tiny, so their product is undesirable for logistic and efficiency reasons. As a point of difference, we built this Collective Farmers effort to provide the Yemeni Valleys range to enable these farmers to trade.