Yemeni Mokha Coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee
sufi monks coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee

Yemeni Mokha Coffee

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Jameel Tameesh Nano Lot

Smooth earthy taste, full mouthfeel and sweet cup profile.

Jameel Tamish has been farming coffee since 1992. His high-altitude farm in Obarah village produces one of the rarest coffees in the world. This organic coffee is sun-kissed for drying and naturally processed. He supports a family of 10 members with coffee being his only source of income.

Process Natural-Sun Kissed Drying
Variety Typica – Odaini
Region Obarah
Elevation 2040 M.a.s.l
Weight 200 Grams
Brew Guide(Filter) 14g | 275ml | 91℃ | 3:30min

Customer Reviews

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Great to try something different but the flavour profile though smooth and consistent, was disappointing for me. Fairly flat with few highlights at all and none of the chocolate notes I was hoping for. A fairly forgettable coffee which was a really great shame given the very high price. The Yemen valleys microlot is outstanding and blew this one out of the water - was the best coffee I’ve ever had.


Amazing taste, I purchased it as a gift for my husband and he loved it. We came back for more

Simon Anlezark

Tasty and Unique!

You haven't tasted coffee till you drink Yemeni Mokha Coffee

easily one of the best coffees in the world. I'm a coffee expert and had my specialty coffee roasting business for years and I say this with confidence.

Sweet cup with lovely hints of fruity notes but not as citrusy or acidic. Has a medium to heavy body and pleasant aftertaste. Balanced in all aspects.

Yemen is the cradle of coffee.When you drink Mokha, you are having this connection with the spectacular history and a culture to be proud of.

Hector Zarco
Yemeni Mokha Coffee v60

I had an amazing experience with the Yemeni Mokha beans! It was my first time trying Yemeni coffee and I truly loved it.

I do v60 pour over at home and I only drink black coffee, so the quality of the beans is something extremely important for me and Sufi Monks has exceeded that by far! I can recommend this 100%