Colombia Piendamo Coffee
Colombia Piendamo Coffee
colombia coffee beans information about region and tasting notes
Colombia Piendamo Coffee

Colombia Piendamo Coffee

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Sweet raspberry, Chocolate, peach tea with a bold body.
Complex and well-structured beans coming from The Gran Galope project. This project started in Colombia to separate the very top tier. Enjoy a cup that contains a delicate balance of sweetness, fruity effervescence, and a foundation of cocoa and toffee.
Process Washed
Variety Castillo
Region Cauca
Elevation 1500-1700 M.a.s.l

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Yemeni Valleys: a Collective Farmers Micro-Lot. It is cultivated by multiple small farmers in the same geographical area, usually in the same valley or village. This melange offers a tasteful cup of coffee like nothing else you've had before.


Most Yemeni farmers cultivate in small amounts, with an average production of two to three bags a year. Most farmers' harvests are tiny, so their product is undesirable for logistic and efficiency reasons. As a point of difference, we built this Collective Farmers effort to provide the Yemeni Valleys range to enable these farmers to trade.

Customer Reviews

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Abdallah Elarosy
great coffee

great coffee and I love its taste.


Great coffee

Anas Aljader
One of the best Colombian coffees

Hi, Colombian coffee is my favourite. I have never prepared such balanced espresso shots before.
I will definitely re order again soon.

Martin A.
Amazing Espresso!

I use a single origin for my espresso, and this Colombian is one of the best I ever tried.
Sweet with lots chocolate notes. Well roasted not dark at all. Thanks!

Great Espresso!

Great Coffee and a personalised touch. Highly recommended!