Yemeni Mokha Coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee
Yemeni Mokha Coffee

Yemeni Mokha Coffee

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Nassar Rashid - Single Farmer Lot

Cherry, Mango, Stone Fruit, Pecan

Nassar Rashid Al Khoulani is a 32-year-old farmer and a father of two. He is from the house of Qanis, Masar village located in the West Haraz region part of the Sana’a governorate.
His major challenges include water irrigation, specifically transferring preserved rainwater kept in barrels to reach his farm. In addition, the mountainous terrain increases the time spent going from his home to his farm due to the lack of roads.
Nassar owns and manages a 13,332 square meters farm growing qat, lentils, wheat, corn, and coffee. About 3999 square meters of his land is allocated for only coffee with 900 trees in total. Only 770 are yielding, with 130 seedlings still growing.
Process Natural
Variety Typica – Dawairy , Ja’adi
Region Haraz
Elevation 2200 M.a.s.l
Weight 150 Grams
Brew Guide(Filter) 14g | 240ml | 89℃ | 3:30min

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Yemeni Mokha: Offers a Single-Farmer Nano-lot. These farms have been well-cared for by the same family over generations. This source gives us exquisite Yemeni coffee with full traceability and a soaring cupping score.

Yemeni Valleys: a Collective Farmers Micro-Lot. It is cultivated by multiple small farmers in the same geographical area, usually in the same valley or village. This melange offers a tasteful cup of coffee like nothing else you've had before.


Most Yemeni farmers cultivate in small amounts, with an average production of two to three bags a year. Most farmers' harvests are tiny, so their product is undesirable for logistic and efficiency reasons. As a point of difference, we built this Collective Farmers effort to provide the Yemeni Valleys range to enable these farmers to trade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Amazing taste, I purchased it as a gift for my husband and he loved it. We came back for more

Simon Anlezark

Tasty and Unique!

You haven't tasted coffee till you drink Yemeni Mokha Coffee

easily one of the best coffees in the world. I'm a coffee expert and had my specialty coffee roasting business for years and I say this with confidence.

Sweet cup with lovely hints of fruity notes but not as citrusy or acidic. Has a medium to heavy body and pleasant aftertaste. Balanced in all aspects.

Yemen is the cradle of coffee.When you drink Mokha, you are having this connection with the spectacular history and a culture to be proud of.

Hector Zarco
Yemeni Mokha Coffee v60

I had an amazing experience with the Yemeni Mokha beans! It was my first time trying Yemeni coffee and I truly loved it.

I do v60 pour over at home and I only drink black coffee, so the quality of the beans is something extremely important for me and Sufi Monks has exceeded that by far! I can recommend this 100%

Mostafa Haroun
Sufi monks

so I'm very picky when I order my coffee. It has to be from a certain provider and has to be roasted properly and it's very hard for me to venture out side of that but I've always wanted to taste so yemani coffee and the provider usually get my coffee from doesn't provide that at the moment. so when Sufi monks came on my feed I thought why not give it a go, why not experiment, the naturally processed coffee of Yemen and the roasting that sufi monks have done to it complement each other quite well. the taste grew on me as I'm more of a light roast fan but the combination that they found was chocolatey, slightly bitter but also that bitterness made me want more so give Sufi monk's a shot they are well worth it