Yemeni Qisher Cascara
Yemeni Qisher Cascara
Yemeni Qisher Cascara
Yemeni Qisher Cascara
Yemeni Qisher Cascara

Yemeni Qisher Cascara

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Yemeni Coffee Cherry Tea

More Aroma, Less Caffeine, and Unmatched Drink!

Cascara is the dried skins of the coffee fruit and includes the dried berries of the coffee plant that remain after the coffee beans have been collected from within.

Used in Yemen for generations to brew a traditional drink close to a sweet and spiced tea.

Process Natural - Sun Kissed Drying
Variety Typica – Odaini
Region Wadi Al-Sarbah,Anis
Elevation 1700-1900 M.a.s.l
Weight 200 Grams
Brew Guide 10g | 300ml | 96℃ | 8min

Traditional  Yemeni Recipe

  • 300 ml water
  • 10 grams cascara (two tablespoons)
  • 1/4 small cinnamon stick
  • Tiny sprinkle of crushed cardamom
  • Steep in hot water for 8 minutes
  • little of ginger to add spicy taste

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Yemeni Mokha: Offers a Single-Farmer Nano-lot. These farms have been well-cared for by the same family over generations. This source gives us exquisite Yemeni coffee with full traceability and a soaring cupping score.

Yemeni Valleys: a Collective Farmers Micro-Lot. It is cultivated by multiple small farmers in the same geographical area, usually in the same valley or village. This melange offers a tasteful cup of coffee like nothing else you've had before.


Most Yemeni farmers cultivate in small amounts, with an average production of two to three bags a year. Most farmers' harvests are tiny, so their product is undesirable for logistic and efficiency reasons. As a point of difference, we built this Collective Farmers effort to provide the Yemeni Valleys range to enable these farmers to trade.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love it! Warm or cold

Like sweet wood...

Where I grew up in Holland we had 'sweet wood', pieces of a liquorice kind of tasting wood that you could buy at a candy store and chew and suck on. It was actual wood. This tea/coffee reminds me of that taste which is very nice. I can't wait to get some anais pods and put them in as well as a stick ot cinnamon which I'm already doing. Thank you for this tea and also thank you for the personal packaging and quick responses to emails. Very very nice!! Cheers Patrick

Sweet and pleasantly aromatic!

I use the recipe online and let it settle in my cup for 10 min, and the result was fantastic! Smooth and sweet taste. Will order again for sure.