Yemeni Valleys Coffee
Yemeni Valleys Coffee
Yemeni Valleys Coffee
Yemeni Valleys Coffee

Yemeni Valleys Coffee

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Shaia'an Micro Lot

Stone Fruit, Orange Blossom, Molasses

This lot is a collection of 150 farmers. The Shaia’an village is located in the region of Al-Qafr within the Ibb governorate. The temperature ranges between 9 C to 25 C with sun exposure lasting around 8 hours.

This anaerobic process was done through bag fermentation. After our coffee cherries are picked, they are washed and placed in Ecotac bags for 72 hours maintaining a PH level of 3.6. The cherries are then placed on our raised beds (15kgs on each bed at a time) and left to dry between 14 to 20 days.

Process Natural - Sun-Kissed Drying
Variety Typica – Odaini
Region AlQafr
Elevation 1800 M.a.s.l
Weight 200g
Brew Guide(Filter) 14g | 260ml | 94℃ | 2.5m

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Yemeni Mokha: Offers a Single-Farmer Nano-lot. These farms have been well-cared for by the same family over generations. This source gives us exquisite Yemeni coffee with full traceability and a soaring cupping score.

Yemeni Valleys: a Collective Farmers Micro-Lot. It is cultivated by multiple small farmers in the same geographical area, usually in the same valley or village. This melange offers a tasteful cup of coffee like nothing else you've had before.


Most Yemeni farmers cultivate in small amounts, with an average production of two to three bags a year. Most farmers' harvests are tiny, so their product is undesirable for logistic and efficiency reasons. As a point of difference, we built this Collective Farmers effort to provide the Yemeni Valleys range to enable these farmers to trade.

Customer Reviews

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Anas Aljader
Unique profile

This Yemeni coffee took me thousands of miles to that great land and great people.
May God bless them and give them best life to astonish the world with more and more.

Just what I expected!

Yemeni coffee is one of the rarest in the market.
Sufimonks delivered exactly what I expected from Yemeni coffee.
High sweetness, medium acidity with full-bodied lingering aftertaste of molasses, dates, and dried tangerine.


This is the best coffee of my life to date. I have a professional machine and only use quality fresh roasted whole bean coffee and I’ve never had a cup with the complexity, flavour profile and intensity as this. Bravo!


Will not regret it. It’s now my go to gift for coffee lover friends.

Hawa Hassan
Smells and tastes divine, quality coffee!

I ordered the espresso beans and it was just amazing. The crema is so fluffy and tasty ❤️ One of the best coffee beans.