Three Waves of Coffee

Yemeni Perspective

Three Waves Of Coffee

Empowering Yemeni Farmers

Yemeni Coffee Today

Around the world small brands like Sufi Monks are reviving Yemeni coffee production and consumption once again.

Varieties of high quality Yemeni coffee, which are rare and hard to find, are now being made available to the wider public.The highlight aspect of this resurgence in Yemeni coffee is the improved livelihoods provided through coffee farms which allow farmers and their families to have essentials in life and education for future generations.

Fighting Qat and Poverty

Fair trade is offering Yemeni farmers with an option to turn away from the popular cultivation of the local stimulant and notorious plant Qat! Coffee production is giving them a more sustainable occupation to earn a living.

The Rarity of Yemeni Coffee Today

Today, Yemeni coffee is still not as common as Colombian or Ethiopean coffee. Because of this, the price on high quality well grown Yemeni beans are usually high. At the core of Sufi Monks’ mission is the desire to provide quality Yemeni coffee at an affordable everyday drinking price.

We hope that in the future this rare coffee can be enjoyed by more coffee lovers everyday.